Masterclasses at Home

Joanna Hardy’s inspirational Jewellery Masterclasses are a novel and glamourous way to entertain your friends in the comfort of your own home.

These unique masterclasses will guide you through the complexities of the jewellery world through two illustrated lectures and handling sessions. You will learn how to use a jeweller’s loupe and the classes can cover Antique to Contemporary periods, as well as precious gemstones and the ‘King and Queen’ of the gem world – the Diamond and Pearl.  Joanna is highly qualified in the subject after working as a Senior Jewellery Specialist and Auctioneer in Sotheby’s jewellery department for 14 years. Previously to this she was a diamond valuer for De Beers, an international diamond dealer and the diamond expert for Phillips the auctioneers. She is also a regular jewellery specialist for the BBC Antiques Roadshow.

Joanna’s expert insider knowledge will really open your eyes to gems and jewellery to give you a new appreciation of the skill and craftsmanship required of a goldsmith to create beautiful jewels that stand the test of time.

A day course will make a fantastic gift for that special birthday, or simply as a treat for you and your friends, the host may choose the lecture topics. Apart from having had an enjoyable day, you will have gained a fascinating insight into this sparkling world and will leave with a great deal more knowledge of what to buy and what not to buy. You will have benefited from the committed guidance of Joanna’s discerning eye to help you recognize the value of jewellery and change your view of how it is normally perceived.

The numbers for a day are restricted to fifteen people.