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Show Your True Colours

Joanna reminisces about her brushes with highly coveted coloured diamonds in 19th September’s Country Life magazine

Pick up 19 September’s edition of Country Life to read about Joanna’s experiences and advice on the world’s most sought-after stones: the coloured diamonds. From a brief history of coloured diamonds’ rise to popularity to some personal stories, Joanna fills you in on the need-to-know biography of the coloured diamond.

19 Sep 2018 Country Life

Joanna Hardy for Country Life

19 September 2018

Nelson’s Lost Chelengk

Joanna writes for about the story behind this fabulous but ill-fated jewel

Bestowed upon Admiral Lord Nelson by the Sultan Selim III of Turkey following Britain's defeat of the French in the Battle of the Nile in 1798, this hat jewel once delighted British high society. Tragically, in 1951 the jewel was stolen and never found. In understanding the story of the chelengk, historian Martyn Downer decided to recreate the jewel with the help of London-based craftspeople. Joanna watched the jewel's remarkable journey from original design to sparkling ornament.


The recreated Chelengk

The Telegraph, 15 March 2018