Jewellery Masterclasses held at The Capital Hotel, Knightsbridge, London

If you are looking for a fun, glamourous and novel way to entertain clients, spend some quality time with friends or celebrate a special occasion with your family, why not book a Jewellery Masterclass? 

Suggested lecture themes include:  

the Wonderful World of Gemstones

The day will be an introduction into the magical world of coloured gemstones, discovering how nature’s marvels have captivated and inspired many explorers throughout history to travel the four corners of the world to seek out these precious gems. But what is it one looks for in a gemstone? With the aid of a jeweller’s loupe and a microscope Joanna will guide you through the complexities and challenges an expert is faced with when valuing and buying a gemstone. The morning session will take a look at the origins of gemstones, their popularity and how they have been used in jewellery throughout history by Kings, Queens, Tsars, Emperors and Maharajahs including the fantastic gemstones that have found their way into the remarkable Cheapside Hoard. The afternoon session will explore the art of cutting and take a virtual tour of Jaipur, one of the main cutting centers for coloured stones. There will also be an insightful and personal account on emeralds and rubies to accompany Joanna's books Emerald and Ruby.

Age of Decadence and Discovery 1900 - 1935

After the dowdiness and the sobriety of the Victoria period, 1900 herald the start of a new, exciting and vibrant time. It was the era of the American multimillionaires, with their fancy dress balls displaying opulence and decadence never experienced before. Gaiety, fun and above all making money was high on people’s agendas and jewellery was a suitable vehicle with which to display their status and wealth. The morning session will focus on the explosion of creativity that was Art Nouveau and the delicate platinum jewels of the Belle Epoque and the Garland Style. After lunch we will talk about how the outbreak of World War I was to put a sudden end to any light hearted frivolousness and jewellery designs changed dramatically to become more linear and geometric which was later referred to as Art Deco.   

The Allure of Adornment, a 5000 year old tradition

 The story of jewellery is as old as human vanity. From nomadic war lords of the silk tradingroutes to the ring being the oldest symbol of power; jewels and gemstones have been usedto represent wealth, power and status – as well as love – through the centuries. In this lecturewe examine the very beginnings of jewellery, and its various meanings through thecenturies. We conclude by examining some of society’s influences during the late 19th Century, with its technical innovation and inventions, jewellery design dramatically changed to accommodate the opulence of the coming 20th century.  

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These unique masterclasses will guide you through the complexities of the jewellery world, through dynamic presentations and lectures, as well as teaching you how to look through a jeweller’s loupe. The classes will cover antique to contemporary jewellery, precious gemstones and the ‘king and queen’ of the gem world – the diamond and pearl. With 30 years experience in the jewellery industry including 14 years with Sotheby’s auction house, Joanna’s expert insider knowledge will open your eyes to gems and jewellery and give a new appreciation of the skill and craftsmanship required to create beautiful jewels that stand the test of time. Held in the discrete and exclusive surroundings of The Capital Hotel, these courses are a series of two hour, one day and three-day seminars including lunch. Joanna can also create bespoke Masterclasses in your own home or place of work. These Masterclasses will give you an unforgettable experience and a fascinating insight into the magical world of gems and jewels. The maximum number for a class is 14 people and bespoke one to one master classes can also be arranged.

What is the masterclass all about? What can one expect to learn? 

My Jewellery Masterclasses are an opportunity where people can explore the real world of jewellery and where I can share my passion with fellow jewellery enthusiasts. You do not need to be an expert at all to join in but what you do need to bring with you is an open mind. 
The public have been brainwashed with branding and my goal is to get people to realize that jewellery is far more than the ‘bling culture’. There is a whole other world out there of exciting jewels and my masterclasses will help people to make informed decisions when it comes to choosing jewels to buy. During my masterclasses there is often the opportunity to study jewels and gems close up and with my guidance we will discover what is good craftsmanship and good design. If someone at the end of my masterclass says they will now look at jewellery in a completely different light I know my message has got across.


Previous Masterclasses

The Art of the Parisian Fine Jewellery Houses

With Christie's Education, London and Paris, 12-13th April 2018

A two-day masterclass in which we will journey through the history of illustrious Parisian jewellers. We will be discussing the iconic work of some of jewellery's most esteemed jewellery maisons, spending one day in London and one day in Paris to gain insights from the workshops themselves.

Following the morning lecture, participants will enjoy a delicious light lunch in the Christie's King Street boardroom. In the afternoon, participants will discuss behind-the-scenes life at a leading Bond Street atelier. This day will draw to a close with a champagne reception. On day two, participants will enjoy an exclusive trip to Paris to visit a selection of major Parisian jewellery houses.

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